My Take on What the Fork Just Happened

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This was the second hardfork I've witnessed on the steem blockchain, and wow, was this one a lot crazier than the last...


Hardfork 19 basically made it so that you used twice as much voting power with each upvote. So a 100% upvote used about 2% of your VP instead of 1%.

This one changed a lot of shit:

Now, instead of upload/operation bandwidth, which was pretty solid and almost never drained even with vote and comment spamming, once you have some steem power. Now we have Resource Credits which is also sometimes expressed as Mana. Not too sure why 2 different words are used for this, and in my opinion, this, voting power, and many more things, should be displayed at all times in plain site on Having to source outside tools to try to decipher this stuff. The average user is not worrying about their user experience, they're worrying if they're going to be able to use the platform like they used to.

You're not.

You're probably going to want to limit your upvotes daily down to ~ ten 100%'ers, because there was also a dust-vote cap coded into the chain now, and the dust vote threshold is much higher. So if you want SP curation rewards, limited big votes is probably the way to go moving forward, not 10,000 votes spread far and wide for 0.001 each. Also it will be nice to see all the spammers die off because you can't hammer out 1,000,000 spam comments a day anymore. So there's some good out of this whole RC debacle which we still don't really know WTF is up with lol there are so many terms being thrown around it's kinda hard to tell what's what... And now the blockchain is producing Steem Dollars? Cool... Pump those to the moon again please.

This is what our shit looked like in the first 24 hours of the fork:

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 11.57.44 AM.png
The box on the left is the important part: What are we supposed to go by here? This thing was counting down from the quadrillions LMAO it was hilarious....

Now it's much cleaner but still, WTF...

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 10.29.06 AM.png
So that's what I know (or at least what I think I know) about this. Broncnutz said it's time to "marinate". What are you doing now that you're free? 🤣

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It took ~1.5% of my slowly regenerating mana to post this post :D shit.....

We going to learn and adapt to this new feature. ;)

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