Photo Fun Contest - Harbour/Yacht Club Photography – The synchronous

in harbourphotocontest •  2 years ago  (edited)

It was just one week ago when I became the finalist of this #photofuncontest and here I am back to again take part in this week contest.

This photo is from Jahaj ghat,Tezpur.Here there is no harbour in Tezpur so there was no option left.I found it amazing following the synchronous movement of the two man in there boat.

This post participation is for the “Photo Fun Contest” organised by @claudiaz with the theme : #harbourphotocontest
You can check the rules here.

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Wow! Impressive photo.

May I ask... How. You achieve those colors? Are they post produce with color correction or is just about tweaking contrast and saturation?.?

Beautiful picture.

It's just the play of saturation and contrast...Adobe lightroom cc comes handy in doing this..You can try it

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I really like the backlight you've achieved, I congratulate you!

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very nice photo

loving the view!

Lovely colours and shadows

Thank you @vincy..I am glad that you found it amazing