3FocusHours Experiment and Results of the 1Meal/Day Experiment

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Will try to sit with one important task for a duration of 3Hrs/Day without distractions of any kind for the next 5 Days.

— Strictly no mobile in this time.

— Pre decide the websites to visit.

— No breaks of any kind.

Will share the Results how this experiment goes 🙌

Results of the 1Meal/Day Experiment —>

Ended #1MealADay Experiment.

the real willpower was used in Last 6 hours of Day 3. 🥺

1. Anything that takes your attention away from hunger works well. I went through a really intense brainstorming session for 70-80 minutes. it will fuel my work for a couple of weeks atleast.

2. Tried eating a chewing gum and it did well to control hunger for some time, I think it gives the brain a fake signal of eating & hunger drifts for a while

3. The best thing that worked for me last night was playing poker with friends. did well 😅

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