The Dark Shade

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Before I actually write this down, i have always wanted to share this with everyone , so tonight I shall narrate an actual haunting or whatever you deem fit to call it, nonetheless it was a most traumatizing experience for me.

I was seven years old and was at my great grandma's house where my massi had given birth to a baby girl 5 days back. It was a humid afternoon in Kanpur, a town in Uttar Pradesh, India and my massi was breastfeeding her child. I was sitting across the room with an open veranda connecting both the rooms. I saw my dog cry meagerly behind me and cower as if he had seen a ghost. The very next moment my eyes met my maasis embroiled with bloodlust. Without breaking the eye contact she stood, baby in her arms, took the stance and hurled the baby up to throw her down on the ground.

She hurled something in a strange language and threw the baby girl on the ground. My mama, in the kitchen beside the room caught a glimpse of the act and jumped on the ground ans luckily the girl fell on his back and suffered minimal injuries.
Maasi hurled towards her daughter with the intention to kill but the chaos had already been noticed by everyone. Three mature male members held her against the wall and one could clearly see they struggled to hold her, a lady half their size.
She spoke some words which no family member could discern and finally she collapsed.
10 years later something happened while the father was dressing up his daughter for school. Father saw something in the daughter's specs and silently pulled her inside the room.
My five letter horror story-

Daughter- "Who was standing behind mommy?"


@sophia98 exactly it seems that he's is trying to tackle the contest by his manipulation ..
but story is literally nice

@sophia98 I have always wanted to share this story. Just got the platform and the right moment following it. Thanks btw🙌🏻

woah this gave me goosebumps 🙌

story is very very nice but

man this is not 5 word story ... you elaborated already the whole story above then giving your conclusion in 5 words

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