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Nothing is Permanent. Nothing belongs to us. Even the air we inhale must be exhaled.

No things, no people , there is nothing permanent in this world. Even we ourselves are not here in this world forever. Every single thing which is being created will come to an end one fine day.The world keeps working on every single day, the time keeps passing at each second and so does the life goes on.

The more we attach ourselves to the things we have, to the people around us and to all our material possessions, the more we will be disappointed. The more we will feel hurted at the time when its gone forever. All our possessions, our wealth, our relationships, the people around us and the ones attached to us, the things we like, our successes, our failures, our current circumstances, the situation in which we are today.. Nothing will stay forever. If we analyse it carefully, all these things just plays various roles in the journey of our life and in the process, we grow old and our life comes to an end. Are we going to carry anything from these with ourselves when our life ends and we will be lying on the death bed? Absolutely nothing!!

Only the soul will be carried away and nothing else. Enrich your life experiences, nourish your soul with satisfaction, love, great values, character and blessings. Only these things will matter at the end and we will carry it along with ourselves.

Why have we taken our life for granted?

Of all the people who go to the bed, over a million people will not wake up tomorrow morning. And tomorrow if you and me wake in morning, is it not a superb day? A million people did not wake up! You woke up, is it not a great thing? And for many many millions of people somebody who is dear to them did not wake up so just check those 5–6 people around you. They all woke up.. Wow what a beautiful day it is!!

How many moment in a day are we conscious that we are mortal?

When we are conscious of this just one thing, These are questions that arises from within..

Do i have time to cry for things and those luxuries I do not have? Do I have time to criticize and find faults in people and things around me? Do I have time to fight, hurt and cheat people who trusts me? Can I afford to give up and regret later for that one extra chance I didn’t take? Is this the way I would like to treat my gf/wife? Do I have time to showcase my attitude and arrogance to the humankind? Is these all what can I do to serve my parents? Will my wealth and material possessions give me great internal satisfaction at the time when i’ll be lying on my deathbed? Can I afford to do something rubbish with my life? Can’t I offer my service to someone needy? Do I have time to get angry, take revenge and hold grudges in my heart for the people who hate me? (That will be a waste of my personal time. It’s not the question about do they deserve forgiveness? it’s about you, you deserve peace of mind!)

It all depends on you what you choose. And when you are completely aware of your mortality at every moment, You will definitely choose wisely.


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