Heavens Unleashed

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Among the wandering clouds,
rode the gods on their chariots,
as the fight for their survival was on the line.

Wave of Titans waited by,
for this was no more a Greek era.
They knew the gods had fallen .
Fallen to form different religions.
Some had become prophets,
some crucified
and the rest settled in a small asian country.

War was at defeat,
Titans were too a formidable foe for the divided gods.
Who would have known that the apple which caused the banishment of Adam and Eve would actualy prove useful.

Out flew a swarm of human operated troops.
Nazi Feminists bombarded the first swing,
followed by the leftist and then the Male Chavunistes for the eventual blow, while the talibanis tried making peace with the titans.

But all was in vain.
All was lost.
Only until the trident separated the clouds.
Trident hailed by One God,
Trident suppported by Universal Peace
and the Trident enclaved by the Mighty Human Child.

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Absolutely breathtaking post, @ujawl2910. Keep up the incredible work.

@thenobleone Thank You so much 🔥

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