Name Me Contest 8

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Name Me Contest 8

Contest Category:

Art, Design


1st: 0.250 Steem




This contest is simply about suggesting a name for the new character that I designed. The photo of which is on the banner of this post.

Write your name suggestion as a comment on this post. There is no limit to the number of names you can suggest but do not spam.
Interesting, unique sounding and creative names have the chance to be chosen as winners. Pay attention to the look, clothes, background etc. of the character to help you think of an appropriate name.
choosing the one I like best the one I like

How to Participate?

1Ramp users can directly participate by tapping on the 'Participate' from the app.

Use #c-bwkrwacwggmcpeto1vik to participate from any other Steem platform.

Contest begins:

17 Mar 2019 - 11:19 AM GMT

Contest ends:

23 Mar 2019 - 09:19 AM GMT

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My entry is WEEBYLL

Great character and my entry is Crowly :-)
Best wishes


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I like this little guy you created.. Oh and how his head feathers are parted.. made me smile.

Dr. Macchiato Splits - 'Doctor of specialty coffees'

Dr. Macchiato Splits: "For what beeeee your pleassssure today fine sirrr?"
Me: "Hello Doctor! I'll have one of your famous Cafe Macchiatos."
Dr. Macchiato Splits: "My specialty.. Coming right up!!"
Me: some time later.. Slurp slurp.. "Man I love coffee!"


A name for your character that came to mind - Squeakpop

Better late than never
In case you're still looking for a name:

The Flowl

as I find it to be somewhat of a mix between an owl and a fly ( the fly - owl ). P.S. I couldn't help thinking of the 1980s Cronenberg film :>)