Happy New Year 2019 🎇

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🎄🎄 🎄
I wish you all a Happy New Year 2019.

So much has happened last year, it started with great ups, but finished with disappointing lows, whether it was on the Steem blockchain (a few system halts, painful HF20 transition), Steemit Inc (budget cuts, layoffs) or the crypto world overall (bear market). We are still in a bear market, but given the history of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, they had bull runs and bear markets many times. Usually it took 1-2 years for a next bull run to happen, so hopefully we'll get one in 2019. In the meantime, prices a low, which is an opportunity to buy more cryptos cheap.

On another note, while Wallstreet is getting into panic mode, thanks to many factors, namely an overdue correction, the end of cheap money (low interest rates), American foreign policies, etc, precious metals have been on the rise. Gold and silver are on the move, another opportunity to invest for the long term. Whenever there was a financial crisis, precious metals always rose, so it's a good hedge against inflation and troubled times. Happy stacking.

Other than money talk, the most important thing is to have a good health with a happy family, friends and/or pets. It helps to stay positive when things are sour.


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Happy New Year Drakos. I spent it outdoors in the woods, just came back. Tomorrow on we resume our resolutions... be more organized, above many others... and make the most of my time. I'm looking forward 2019, some of the changes I needed didn't manage to happen, or I could not make them happen, but I like this feeling of "starting fresh"
Sometimes the lows are new "vantage" points to be able to stare up with new perspective.

And about my own resolutions... even if we fail once, twice... we can always try again

May all your wishes be granted!
Happy 2019!

Looking forward to a good year. To those who are lost as if in holes they either dug into the ground themselves or fell into while staring at a proverbial temptress, I say don't give up.

You can still see the stars when you're flat on your back. Keep looking up.

Happy New Year, Drakos. You will forever have my vote. You're quite the inspiration.

Cheers to all!

❤️- serena


I agree Serena...
aren't we all stargazers?
Happy New year to you too... will howl to the moon so you can hear me over there!

Happy New Year, Drakos. ⭐️ A mighty fine pirate, you are. ✨ Thanks for all the generous support you’ve given me this year — you’re one of those who’ve inspired me to stick around. 💜 Smilin’ atcha from across the continent. 🤗

Hope yours is as productive as you envision my man.

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Wish you a very Happy new year @drakos

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Happy new year!

the first good soul I met on here, thanks for the great first impression. Im now a dolphin in the steem ocean.

Happy New Year!🎇

Feliz año nuevo @drakos deseando que se encuentre bien al lado de su familia.

Sorry for missing you out... now updated on my post.

Happy New Year!!!

Dear @Drakos,
Wishing you and your family a bright and prosperous 2019.

In the meantime, prices a low, which is an opportunity to buy more cryptos cheap.


happy new year for you friend
wish you happiness @drakos

Happy New Year! ☺️🎄

Happy New Year for you and your loved ones as well!

2019 is the year of silver! Happy Holidays! 🎊🎭

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I agree with you that a healthy family and pets and obviously yourself makes for a good start to the new year. My wife and I have been awful lucky in this department. Aside from our one pup having Addisons Disease, which comes with its ups and downs, they are also healthy and happy.. thus I am!

I like to invest in precious metals. I am glad you mentioned them in your post. This is a long term investment, but the price of silver right now reflects a great opportunity for many. I think it’s under valued and will rise steadily over the next 20 years. I buy a little bit every time I can.

Looking forward to 2019 and the rise of Steem!! Happy New Year @drakos!

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The crypto world is never more exciting and I hope like most of us experience a bull market in cryptos this year. @drakos
And I hope I won't get bankrupted before it happens because of my medical expenses.

Happy New Year 🎄

Happy New Year ;)

Happy New Year! 🎄

je te souhaite une merveilleuse année pleine de gaieté et d'abondance !
ils sont trop mignons les smileys, c'est toi qui les a faits ..? ^_^


Merci. Non c'est des smileys de l'internet.