Register for The Beautiful You 6 Week Beauty Coaching Circle - Women & Men Are Welcomed!

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Have you registered for the Beautiful You Coaching Circle Yet?

Register Here for 6 Week Beauty Coaching Course

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***(approx. $600 max investment required)***

To assist you in creating your most Beautiful Body, we require every member of the group to choose one of the following Premier Products Packs from our Health & Wellness Vehicle Wakaya Perfection:

Talei Skincare Line ~ For Your Perfected Skincare


Bulafit Weightloss System ~ The Secret to Fatloss

To assist you in creating and manifesting your Beautiful Masterpiece of a Life, we also suggest, although it is not mandatory that every member obtain a copy of the What is Beauty Manual?, a Book/Journal/Process Co-Authored by Yours Truly, Valerie Love and 29 other MCG Members to help women & men come into true alignment with their inner beauty. (And Yes, men are also welcomed to join us in this group...there are 2 male authors in the beauty manual as well.)


Have you registered for our Fashion Show Event? Atlanta, GA is next!

Register Here for Fashion Show

Specializing in assisting aspiring entrepreneurs integrate Health, Spirituality & Money for a Masterpiece of a Life!
Whole Life Spiritual & Beauty Coach, Crypto Mentor, Social Media and Online Business Building Coach
[email protected]

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Register Here for 6 Week Beauty Coaching Course


Sending you so much love and appreciation for for resteeming my post...much love and light to you

@tyebrooks this message is for you...I forgot to tag you in it...I'm still learning lol...thanks so much again

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