5 Amazing Ways To Stay happy

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Hi! How are you guys doing today? I trust you are all doing great. After the passing of my granny, wearing on a fake smile became so difficult. Anyone can detect from afar the heaviness growing in me. I lived most of my life with my granny. She was always there for me, my best friend is who she was.

My sadness was short-lived after i read a book on how to stay happy. It really helped me. It made me realize that i wasn't alone, and there are so many unhappy fellows out there. A problem this article was brought to life to solve. Survey shows that happy people live longer. How would you feel if you were told tomorrow is your last day on planet earth? These amazing ways of staying happy have helped so many stay happy. Here are 5 ways to stay happy;

  1. Eat good food: Do happy people have the appetite to eat good food? Eating good meals is a sign that you would be fine. It might only take time before that sad feeling leaves you. Eating good food when you are down or unhappy lifts your spirit and keeps you going. There is this great feeling that comes when you eat good food. Apart from it making you healthy, it purifies the mind. If you are having a bad day, you might want to take yourself out on a treat. Go on a treat with someone who can actually put a smile on that sad face of yours it's advisable and definitely goes a long way.

  2. Watch Inspiring and interesting movies: There is no doubt that interesting and funny movies takes you out of that "Sadness Zone". You are laughing and smiling when you are deep into the movie. You forget all that's wrong with you. This is a sign that you would overcome whatever that is making you unhappy. Most people don't know that we unconsciously act on the movies we watch. It influences us one way or the other. Make sure you don't watch boring movies. Scary and horror movies is advisable, Lol.

  3. Never stay Idle: Do you know that you would become more unhappy when you stay idle? You get to remember all your problems and it keeps weighing you down. Don't stay in the house all alone, you might commit suicide. Remember what that would do to those who love you wholeheartedly. When there is life, there is hope.

There is nothing that has happened to you which has not happened to someone else before. Making yourself busy with something would make you forget anything that makes you sad and unhappy. Have you ever wondered why people go on holidays? Go on a trip, attend concerts and parties but don't get drunk.

  1. Talk to people: A problem shared is half solved. Have you tried talking to people about it? You have to let it out and stop conceiving it. Things will only get bad when you keep it to yourself. Don't stay away from people because you have a problem. Everyone has a problem, most have just simply moved on with their lives and chosen to be happy.

Attend sessions that involves people talking about what hurts them the most. You would feel better afterwards. Its only when you tell people what you going through that they can help. You never can tell who would be the key to the solution of your problems. You have the right to be happy. Stay happy.

  1. Take Naps: What i find funny is that most people don't know the benefits and importance of taking naps. Do you know the benefits? Naps is not just taken each time you are tired. It is taken to cool down the brain which makes all other parts of the body to function. This is advisable especially when you have no where to go and you want to be all alone. Instead of staying idle, its advisable to take naps. You would be refreshed when you wake up. Are you finding it difficult to sleep? You might want to try playing a good music, winks.

You have the right to be happy. Don't let anyone decide that for you. No matter what you are going through or what you have been through, you would be fine if and only you believe that. Live life

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