Certified And Headed Back Home

in happy •  6 months ago

Nothing has a beginning that doesn’t have an end. So my clearance process started and ended abruptly the way it started. I went , I saw and I conquered that was exactly what happened.

I got what mama has been waiting for, what family members were expecting to see, what friends are glad to joke about. What gave me an assurance that I might be able to start being getting paid someday.

The picture you’re seeing below is what some others lack not because I’m making jest of them but seeing myself as privileged and I’m being very grateful to God and all those that are worthy of my appreciation.


So after one week in the old kingdom of Dahomey the present Benin 🇧🇯 republic, my goals were achieved and I headed home {Nigeria} today and I thank God for journey mercies cause at the time of making this post , I’m in bed meaning to say I had a safe journey.

Thanks for stopping by friends and well wishers, you all are much appreciated. Goodnight friends and family, love you all

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