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So I went to an Asian Massage...

I won't say where because it doesn't matter...

When I walked through the doors I was floored by the intertwining smells of kimchi and lotion... Then an 80 year old asian grandma walked out with a glass of tea... I said thank you... She then handed me a handwritten note on a napkin displaying the prices of the massages in BTC... 1hr=100BTC, 1/2hr 60BTC... I went for the half hour... You don't go there for the massage itself... the portion of the session that matters only take 30 seconds to 2 mins depending on the day... I was told to go into this tiny room with a massage table, take off my clothing and lay down... A petite Asian girl came in and gave me her BTC wallet address and told me to send 60BTC... I did... Then she said thank you and started to rub my back... The massage started slow and lying stomach down... After 10 mins she told me to turn over... I did, and my friend downstairs was standing at attention. For the next ten minutes she avoided it completely, building the anticipation... Then all of a sudden, eyes closed, I felt her bump it with her elbow... was this an accident? ... or a test? I didn't know... but I wanted to find out... I told her that "the pain was here", pointing to my groin... she said "oooooh... to fix this pain more BTC"... I obliged and sent her a tip... 30 BTC... Then she proceeded to do the job with a weird grip that I have neither seen nor have had used on me before... but it was great! It was so great that by the time the week was over I had spent all of my BTC... 10 VISITS TOTAL FOR THE WEEK.... I WAS ADDICTED... since I was out of BTC I stopped coming... NO PUN INTENDED... I checked the Bitcoin price less than half a year later and BTC was at $1000/BTC... when I owned it, it was $.60... I COULD HAVE BEEN ON A FUCKING BEACH GETTING THESE MASSAGES FOR FREE NOW... INSTEAD I SIT AT HOME ALL DAY DOING... well I won't get into that.. HAPPY ENDING MY ASS!!! THE END


Wow that's funny and sad lol..

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