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What is happening with Steem? Outperforming the crypto exchanges gazillion time last week! I can't say I'm disappointed :) ... Am super pleased!

The other day I discovered Steemit Inc running a series of online get-togethers. Also SMT supposed to be released on the testnet. Are these events causing the continuous way up in BTC and $ values?

What are your ideas and opinions on all this positivity around the Steem token?

Before starting to structure your thoughts, and writing your responses, you may like to click the play button (below) of this kinda house-ish and somewhat techno-ish recording of a DJ set by Master Rachmad.

For those who don't know yet; he is one of my most favourite artists in the whole wide universe of electronic dance music.


image from @steemchiller (source)

Artist: Steve Rachmad
Set: Studio 80
Year: 2014
Country: Netherlands

source soundcloud

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Happy to see steem rise for sure. Hope to get more activity and new members on steemit too.

Lets believe we will get somewhere meaningful in time.