That shit is contagious.

in #happy3 years ago

I woke up today feeling overjoyed, for no apparent reason.


And when it does, I take full advantage and do as many things as I possibly can to share that joy - and guess what - it's like an avalanche of happy!


Take a second today to remember how wonderful your life is, wherever you are, whoever you are. Then, take a second to share the joy you find with someone else. Give your partner an unexpected hug, take your coworker coffee, donate to a local charity, give the guy on the street a few bucks, take a treat to your favorite barista....whatever you do, do it with joy. That shit is contagious.

Let me know of anything you've done recently to spread joy! I'd love to hear about it!!!



We totally agree! All of the good vibes. Happy Wednesday :)

I always compliment all the ladies I run across. I see a feature of theirs I hone in on and think is lovely and I always tell them! :D I never expect a compliment back, I just want them to hear that they are beautiful.

Female ➡️ Female compliments are always my favorite! Empowerment is everything! Beautiful!!!

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