Happy Home Craving

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That's what you call marriage. Solidarity, assistance, support, when you fall. It's not our hormones that marry us, but our needs. The need to be loved, the need to love, the need to feel not alone.

I gave the flowers water. Few leaves fell to the ground. Geranium leaves are what delicate. But instead of falling immediately comes a new one. I wish we could renew ourselves like flowers. If we can replace our falling leaves.

Nobody would nest because no one would fall. I wanted to let us use our good-bye stuff, which we gathered in love with the birds and built at home. We wished our laughter in the walls of the house, not our arguments. I said we should get power from each other on the hard day. I don't know if the küslüler's salt pepper is really called, but I always wanted it. I did my best to keep it short.

You know, you've been pushing yourself a lot about this, I know. You've always wanted to forget about our storms as soon as possible. I wanted to let you forget, you covered. You can handle me. We'il never talk about it again. When you ignore something, it doesn't disappear. Look at it, none of it is gone. I'm laying them all over this table at six o'clock in the morning.

The man's quarry wants the incense. Let's get the pots in the cupboards. Let the house be warm, cold, albeit cold, you actually get into each other. One of them broke his heart, want him to go home, curl his lap, head paused. He wants to get out of that door, hugely forgotten.

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