Thankful for today.

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I sit here as the sun is slowly going down.
I am cooling off from the hot summer evening. I am thankful for the life that I have. I try not to work too much on the last day of the week, but there is always something that needs to be done.


My day started by letting the 'ladies' out of their hen house for the morning. As they wandered around the yard, I spent a little time cleaning out their run. Usually about the time I am done, I am thinking to myself that I should of just settled for buying the organic free-range eggs from the store. :-)

With the chore done, I head inside and clean up. I make breakfast, sit and enjoy a breaking of fast with my wife and try to relax.

Today we made it until about 2pm before we were antsy and wanted to take a drive. We took the long way through the Sam Houston National Forest down to the stores in the next city.

Getting home, I finished cutting the grass, picked up in the yard and put the ladies away. Now I am settling in for a relaxing night attempting to finish my schedule for the week.

Thank you for spending some time with me. I am looking forward to sharing the project I have been working on. I have also not forgotten that I need to post to steemit more. Until tomorrow.

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Thanks for sharing your day with us...I think taking time to relax is a good thing :)


My dream life would be relaxing under a tree thinking which book I want to read next. Reality has me busy keeping up with all my projects. Thank you!

Hahahah I don't think I've thought yet about buying eggs from the store! Well, not because they're working me too hard. Only cause they're not producing fast enough! C'mon chickens!! hahah.

Your plates! Corelle!! I love Corelle!! Only dishes I will own! Haha. Lovely looking breakfast too!! Lucky you!


Still waiting for my hens to start laying, I am sure once they do I will be glad for them. Glad you like the dishes, we have had them forever.


Maybe try threatening with the crock pot?? Haha how old are they?


Just now going on 6 months. So will have eggs soon. They have just started doing the squat when I go to pet them.


That's great to hear! I'm sure you'll get them any day now then! Woohoo!


So glad to see you posting again, and it makes me happy to see you had a relaxing day with your wife :) I call my hens the ladies as well haha
Lovely Sunday to you and yours!

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