What Is Happiness And How To Be Happy

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Did you know that you could go from feeling sad To being happy in just a couple of minutes by doing three simple things, Hello, my name is Alikhan I make self-help easier for you and today I'm going to teach you some tips and tricks from Tony Robinson and from myself so let's dive right in. If you feel sad your brain will start telling your body to Look down at the floor to start slouching a little bit and you will keep feeling sad until you break That posture.

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This is what Tony Robbins says In fact, if you feel sad keep your head high Your back straight and your chest up and you will immediately feel better then it comes to your face, Tony Robinson says that the face is the biggest area of Unemployment of the world, in fact, there are 80 muscles, there are 80 muscles In the face that you can use to signal your brain that things are going better. In fact, it goes both ways When things go bad your brain tells your body that things are going bad instead you by consciously Controlling your body. You can tell your brain that things are going well, and there is no need to be sad The second thing is changing your mindset. In fact, probably right now You have a mindset that when anything happens you just say, oh why me? I have this I have this other problem. I'm tired I have so much stuff to do when instead of complaining you start doing something to solve that problem Instead of complaining you start doing and you will solve the problem in the same day probably Let's change your mindset by repeating after me Complaining won't get anything done now repeat it again to me, but slower Complaining won't get anything done. Just understand it Complaining won't get anything done So stop saying why and start saying, how can I solve that problem? Once you solve the problem, you will feel happy and when you focus on solving the problem You won't have any time to feel sad instead when you complain you complain you feel sad and you keep complaining because you feel sad and It just goes worse and worse and worse You become a victim you are passive and you won't do anything instead when you start punching the problem with action What happens is you will feel better because you are taking action You are solving the problem dopamine will kick into the brain and you feel better and better as you solve the problem So stop complaining start taking the small action and when you take small action and it goes well, you will take more action and so Basically, this is how to solve problems 101 last but not least is be grateful. I mean look around Look around in the news for a couple of minutes and you will understand how lucky you are I mean, there are people that have far less than you There are people that breathe through machines like I mean, they need help to breathe There are people that cannot walk well You can walk and run and of everything you want because probably you are able-bodied! Gratefulness really overrides your current program think about it your software shows you images of things you want and you do not have and then Tells you cannot get that. You will feel sad instead if you change your software into a software that shows what you have around what you already have how lucky you are and tells you You solve that problem so you can solve this problem, too I have a bonus for you

Other people's drama Literally as soon as people that you do not care a lot or people that you barely know Start talking about their problem Get away from them literally Getaway Don't expose yourself to such negativity because you don't need to expose yourself to negativity Get away from problems if there are like if there is one thing that gets me on my nerves is People that get upset because they are watching some show onTV where they're upset I mean just stop it. Okay, don't watch those channels that have those Reality TVs where they argue all the time and then you wonder why you are stressed or you're feeling sad or you're feeling upset Like stop it. Okay. If other people are feeling sad and you don't have anything to Do with them get away Run in that direction in that direction, even if you can fly away fly away do it Just get away.

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