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Do you ever wonder, what does it take to have a happy life?

I have read books on having a happy life, and books about enjoying the moment, books on being present.

But what does it all mean?

What does it mean to be present?

What does it mean to enjoy the moment?

What does it mean to enjoy your life?



I think it means that when you wake up each day, you should realize that today is the first day, of the rest of your life.

I think that life is a journey through the many hours, days, weeks, many destinations, but more importantly many moments, or fragments of time, space and memories.

I think that huge collection of moments, memories and fragments of time, are your lifetime, your life.

I think that happiness is not about achieving happiness as a perpetual state of being.

I think happiness is achieved through life focusing on joy.

I think you achieve a happy life by learning to enjoy the many moments and many memories that make up a life.

You should strive or endeavor to to enjoy the many small pleasures which are the moments of each day.

I think that happiness in life, is not achieved by obtaining a particular goal, or reaching a particular destination.

I think that happiness is achieved by you being present and aware of the many small joys, that go along with the many small moments that make up the memories or fragments of time, which add up to a lifetime of memories.

I think we each are on a journey through time and space, and we are moving from memory to memory, moment to moment, of the many fragments of time, which collectively make up our life.

I hope you take the time, to enjoy these memories, these moments, these small fragments of your time on earth, which make up your life.

I hope that you take the time, to be present, in those moments, and enjoy the ride.



Picture: My wife and I lying on the ground, wrapped in blankets, drinking hot tea, watching the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, on a cold December night, enjoying the moment, being present and choosing joy.