# Happiness is the root key to overcome any obstacle of our life.

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Friends problems are common in every one's life and are always like an individual best friend forever which never leaves ones in any time of life and we cannot fully get rid of problems of our life,so it is like some ot our life schedule which we should must follow and obey.So just instead of taking so much stress and loneliness why we shouldn't try to avoid problems which life is throwing to us and try to find a solution of that problem in a happy and cherish way.Friends to face a problem and to be happy and to keep others happy it is always first important to keep oneself happy and free.Friends everyone have problems in their life which always keep a person dull and unhappy in his life and the person is always remain unhappy and stressful which sometimes may affect in his internal and external health too.So we should always aware of the fact that problems will be always there with us and will always meet us in our every stage of life.So be happy and think free instead of taking too much stress and tensions.Life will always show your your path to the solution of the problem it has thrown to you.Just keep patience and be happy.
Love and respect to you all.
Bye,have a great day to you all.

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Yes, happiness is the key to overcome all problems. If we stay happy & cam than we can found the solution for every problem and obstacle.

Keep steeming regular and stay always happy.

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