You're looking at happiness

in #happiness2 years ago (edited)

What you see is a myosin protein dragging an endorphin along a filament to the inner part of the brain's parietal cortex which creates happiness. Happiness. You're looking at happiness!!

I found this video on You Tube long time ago and the idea that you really can look at happiness is fascinating. A happiness delivery service inside me. Feel down? I just have to order "new" happiness. I don't know yet the contact details for delivery, but I'm sure I'll find out. I think it's important to keep the service going, don't let them be jobless too long. I don't want it to give up on me, I like happiness too much for that. So I decided to become a regular customer for happiness. Won't wait long when feel down but give a quick call for delivery. 

I have to take good care of my happiness delivery service. Perhaps now and then I take it out. Treat myself a good meal to make it stay healthy. Make sure I get enough exercise for the same reason. So I'll sport regular, can't hurt for sure. And perhaps it's a good idea to see my friends more often. Having a good time with them. I'm sure my happiness delivery service will serve me well when doing that. Be good for my mama will contribute too, I'm pretty sure. Yeah, and it will trigger mama's happiness delivery service as well. So that's good. One effort and two good results. 

I feel already more happy to be honest. Watching this creature does that to me. Also me working my plans to treat my happiness delivery service well make me more happy already. 

Its seems enough to know and trust that happiness is in all of us, ready and waiting to be activated.


I know it's not myosin. Myosin V has a different structure and walks on actin filaments. That motor protein is walking on a microtubule, so it actually must be a kinesine.  But I like the explanation of looking at happiness so much  more that I stick to it no matter the science.

Don't forget, let's spread love and good words!