Happiness: Why It's Okay to Fail

in happiness •  3 months ago

Experience an epic fail once and you will never be the same again...

For what it does to one, it ought to have a place in the list of 'once-in-a-lifetime' experiences.

It has the effect of bending one's learning curve at such sharp angle that one experiences growth and maturity at an exponential rate, possibly collapsing the time frame for growth from 5 to 2 years.

The impact on the psyche is immense.

After a huge blow to one's ego, that which cannot withstand the impact starts to fall apart:

  • the gap between one's perceived and real ability at the point in time;
  • arrogance and false confidence that were not tested or backed by real victories but sustained by treading on the path of least resistance / avoiding risks and challenges (so nothing could hurt them and they could carry themselves high and mighty).

Conversely, after having recovered from an epic fail, one gains comfort in knowing they are capable and strong enough to triumph over the fails. They download a real sense of confidence and strength, and are secure enough to show up in the World with openness and vulnerability, knowing that henceforth few things can hurt them as much or even bother them to begin with.

Like scar tissues that recover to become thicker than normal skin tissues, the old superficial layer is shed; growing in its place is a shield that is enhanced and fortified...one grows both in resilience and threshold.

Note: Please ignore the website at the end of the video - it is now defunct.

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