Happiness: True Abundance

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We know some "poor" people...

the ones who keep consuming and taking but rarely or never give.

They have an insatiable appetite for food, materials and all forms of self-indulging pleasures...doesn't matter that they have all the monies to splurge...they can never seem to have enough.

The reason they have an insatiable appetite for all things externally pleasurable and self-indulging essentially comes from a void inside --- a nagging sense that they still lack something.

Their attempts to fill the void inside from out will at best yield temporary results.

Yet the less discerned would worship and look up to these people and yearn to have their lifestyle.

What true abundance is:

True abundance isn't the ability to have more but the ability to give more.

Those who keep wanting more and more despite having a lot, are experiencing a sense of lack.

Those who are rich are giving.

They are rich beyond money and materials; they are rich in knowledge/ skills and most importantly, love because the thought of giving can only arise from love --- a love for others.

It is this love and giving that makes them rich.

A deep source of wealth untapped:

Les Brown said, "The graveyard is the richest place on earth."

Because too many talents/ gifts were buried without ever having seen the light.

The wealth of talent/ gift is a source that one can keep tapping on yet doesn't diminish a bit - it can only be built upon...

indeed, the rich only gets richer.

If the "poor" would uncover their talents/ gifts and share it with the World, they would fill the void inside and be rich.

And the rich shall die empty...for they have lived fully.

"The fragrance always remains in the hand that gives the rose" - Mahatma Gandhi

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