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The saying that life ain't a bed of roses is a melody that echoes like the dim dum sound emitted by the flat surface beneath my chest. I recalled the first time I heard the word. Dad has just returned from work and as an observant kid I noticed the alteration in his countenance. Though I couldn't really understand what happened at that time but in the spirit of a child who love and adores his dad, I walked up to him and asked: Dad what's wrong? He looked at me and smiled. I felt his right hand run back and forth on the tender skin above my bum. Not to worry son, life ain't a bed of roses he said.

There's one thing I learnt from Dad. That precious thing which have come to be part of my being. His Smile. He was always smiling. At a point, I recall mum made jokes of his smile; do you know you have a smiling dad? She said one afternoon while we were having what could be a family time out. The family of three laughed out loud and it took a while before we resumed our chit chat.
I am grown and I have heard friends, families, colleagues and as many as I come in contact with say: you are always smiling... One once asked me? Is it that you don't have issues? I mean you are always looking happy she said as she rounded of what I took as a comic question.

Dear reader, the truth about life is this, IT AIN'T A BED OF ROSES! In life you sometimes must strife. Don't expect things to always go smoothly, in fact it won't always be smooth. But even at that, you shouldn't go about with your problems written all over your face. You shouldn't because you have issues become a hater, an abuser or transfer aggression and respond inappropriately to issues, situations and discussions. The fact is every living being has issues but you see your reaction helps in positioning your mind to finding a lasting solution to that particular situation.
Dear Reader, if you wouldn't mind I 'll gladly recommend a SMILE. When faced with challenges, and difficult situations....try to put on a smile. By the way, frowning and being hostile won't proffer a solution. So, why not choose to be happy and help others do same.
(Happiness is a CHOICE)


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