How to Reach True Happiness

in happiness •  6 months ago

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Despite what many people say, complete happiness does exist. And better still, it is not very difficult to achieve. The first thing you should do, is to completely divest yourself of the thought that "there is no complete happiness", even though it is often said comically, to believe this is extremely harmful and harmful to our happiness.

One of the main objectives that we should all have in life, is to raise ourselves to achieve full happiness, why do I tell you that a main goal you should have in life is to reach ever higher levels of happiness ?; Because it is one of the best ways to maintain your motivation and continue to strive to achieve your goals and your goals.

I remind you that being happy is like an ups and downs, a roller coaster, so the important thing is to be as high as possible when measuring the average.
So smile more often, do not let negative things beat you, appreciate all the good that comes to your life and most importantly love, be kind to others.

"Happiness is the art of not retaining in your memory any unpleasant memories of the past."

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