Dtube Vlog # 205 | True Happiness Lies in Self-Sacrifice

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Hello Dtube Friends,

We are humans. We all want to be happy as people. There is happiness at the root of all our efforts. But can we really be happy? Do we meet true happiness?

Generally speaking, someone is happy, and one feels completely unhappy in his life. However, I will try to say today what is happiness? Where is the real happiness?

Let's watch the video. Thanks all.

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Good idea, thank you!
It was very interesting to watch. However, I would call this important thing, which brings true happiness - not self-sacrifice, but altruism (for me these notions are varied).

Thank you so much for your nice response.

You mentioned the right points, for me happiness exist in anything, no matter the nature of that thing. This is a philosophical idea but if we think in it's meaning we can see that we are responsible of our happiness! We can make us happy! Seeking for happiness and creating happiness are two different ways but noneof them is easy! Sorry for being such a talkative but i loved the subject you spoke about :)

subscribed for more!

Really I am very glad to read your response. Let's move forward friend.

Yes my friend that is indeed the truth.

There is something else that goes on inside of us whenever we ry to help others from the point that we are staying and that is how we all should be.
Was really glad to see the words from you my friend.
Stay well.

Thank you brother for your great support, I am trying my best.

You have really spoken well @hafizullah. We are different individuals who have different views of attaining true happiness but without missing words there is always a great joy/happinness that comes with making others happy. Selfless love is always the greatest.
Nice one

Right thinking. Thanks for your nice response. let's make our life more happy.


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