Contagious Happiness at work

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    Have ever noticed that when you meet smiling people certain muscles on your face strain in return. Yeah, happiness is contagious! This time I want to share with you my concept of happiness. 

You know life consists of the water. Water is clear until we add some stuff in it. So, I usually imagine myself as an empty glass early in the morning. After morning preparations, I become full of water and my daily task is to make a great cocktail at the end of the work shift. So,  each of my colleagues has some ingredients to put in it as well as I'm. When someone adds something in my cocktail, I add in response. In business, we call it 'the concept of reciprocity'. If someone does something for you, you will naturally want to do something for them. 

So, for what purpose I am writing this article? Just to guide you to think about your colleagues. Remember that your mood is contagious. The more you give - the more you gain. Happier employees work better that means the company is more productive. So, share your energy, encourage other to do the same.

Wish you to have more happiness shares at work.


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