Simple step to happiness

in happiness •  2 years ago

Its very difficult to be grateful and angry at the same time. Next time you get angry, pause for a moment and think of three things in your life you are grateful for. It really works, try it.

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Thx for the advices

I think its a good advice!

I did that once. Works like a charm.

It's good to think of things in your life you are grateful for!

I will, thank you!

I've tried it. It works!

Great advice. Next time if i get angry i will remember it and if it works i will be greatly thankful to you. Thanks for sharing the advice :)

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.

Really great advice! I'll never forget this advice

i will definitely try this out :)

i will try to be calm and compose !!

Great advice. But you cannot be angry, you can't be an emotion. If you know what I mean. :D


True, That is deep....sadly, most people live their lives with their emotions on their sleeve.

Hahaha thankyou for sharing. I will try it @davidp

I've heard this before and I've tried it too. It works like a charm! 👌👌👌

Nice and simple! I think its a good advice XD

Excellent reflection to apply david

I'm not sure it will succeed but I will try.Thanks for the idea

Yes feeling gratitude for everything you have is the way to happiness.

If we do think about everything that we have instead of being pessimistic then we can be happy.
I've made a post about this but being social is the route to happiness so spend more time with your family and friends.
Go to that restaurant you always wanted to go to, leave and explore the world with someone.
Keep Smiling!

Hmmm... three things in my life that i'm grateful for.
Icecream, fluffy toys and... Star wars series!
I think i feel better, thanks! :d

do it all the time !! being born in canada and working all over the world including saudi arabia ..I tell my friends we won the lottery being born in canada you dont even know :)

It's good to be grateful!

@davidp what a great job

Great advice Mate!!! Love you for that. @davidp

Thanks for your advice. It really works :)

Liked ur post... angry can destroy everything so we must pause for a moment and rethink