Then we didn't like

in #happily2 years ago

It's good that we're married. We were just like that when we stopped. Wherever we go, it's a good idea to climb up the hill. He said, we would love each other.


Then we don't like it. Whatever happened, we couldn't stand together. Bad memories began to take up more space than good ones. Now when I think of the mornings I wake up in that bright room, it's not the mornings I wake up happily and happily; I remember the mornings where I woke up, without him, and feeling all alone, waking up and, very angry with him, I woke up.

This morning we have accumulated a lot of our hands, we left. We didn't leave in two days. Come on, I didn't say I ran away. Let's go back and forth, cry and make peace, let's talk again, it was our agenda. Almost a year, we've always fought. For 1 year we felt very rarely healed.

And all of a sudden, 1 year in those seven years, it was enough to paint all over the place. We tried to recover for a year. We have not looked, we have looked at each other's despair now, we are separated.


Two years have passed. I sat down one evening, filled myself with a beer in the garden of my new home, and tried to remember the times I was in love while watching the hills of the trees.

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