Entrepreneur Quagmire

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When trep's get stuck in the mud, what do they do?
It's a tough game out there.
Sometimes I don't want to write or trade or invest or research or create.

Those are the times that define us. What to do when we don't want to do?
I have a lot of tricks to get out of a funk, but the funny thing is in the midst of funk I don't want to use my tricks.
Here's some shit I could do.
Walk a trail. Run down a path. Smile. Meditate. Be grateful. List things I'm thankful for. Drink coffee. Play guitar.
The problem is sometimes people want to be unhappy. It's almost like an excuse for lack of production.
So let me take this day and change it around. I'll go do all the things on my list right now.
It's important to find our own motivation. Sometimes we need to work for it, but as an entrepreneur that is what I signed up for.

This is my trade off for not having a rat race job. I'm grateful for the chance to feel down and work through it on my own. Picture me taking responsibility as you read this. Happiness is earned, not deserved.

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