while vacation with family is very pleasant.

in happierpeople •  2 years ago  (edited)

this is our excitement in the holidays and it is great fun I am very happy to be with my family to go holidays and I am also very happy to see my wife can smile in this day because I work every day busy and I also rarely have time at home to get together with family then I am very happy to be with family in this holiday and very pleasant...
the holiday we visited is very good and very happy me and my family snagat menik die to the beauty of this place of tourist and also in decorate many pigeons are so tame with the visitors to this place ..

here also can meliahat children motorgedeg children and also they are very compact in the community of children motorgedeg their compactness is very good and can be taken example for others I really like in this holiday day can spend time with our family

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