Making Time for What Matters Most! #174

How do we make time for our loved ones, family and friends instead of taking more time to work or be productive?

I hope this post will be helpful because as an entrepreneur with my own business online, I have frequently given in to the temptation to hustle harder and skip the Disney trips with my family to get a little more money.

Would you join me for day 174 of Happier People Podcast as I go on a walk at the beach on a day where I chose to give up time working on amazing cryptocurrency projects in exchange for spending the afternoon with my family at the beach in St Petersburg, Florida because this might be useful in your life today?

Making Time for What Matters Most!

How have I learned to make sure I make time for the things that are most truly important in my life today like family and friends?

How do I make sure to not let opportunities like today, going to the beach with my family, slip by as I think I need to instead catch up on some work or I get afraid of missing out on something that's amazing?

What do we do to avoid the temptation to take extra time working or trying to finish some project, and instead make sure we don't miss on those moments that are most important?

I hope this will be helpful for you today because in my life it's taken a lot of painful learning to get the point:

Don't miss out on going to a beach with your family!


Don't miss out on going to Disney with your family!

I've spent a lot of days thinking that I'm hustling, I'm working hard, I'm getting ahead and I'm building my business, but many of those days were stressed and lonely, and I didn't even do very good work on those days.

Today, I figured, what's more effective to communicate at this point than actually doing a quick video while I'm out at the beach?

This is my beach outfit and you can see it works good.

That way I don't have to wear any sunscreen.

I just have this hat that covers almost my whole face. Then I've got these sunglasses that are prescription, which is nice. I've got my prayer shirt on that covers up my skin.

There, we can take a look around the beach.

I'm very grateful to be out here today.

I almost said no.

I almost told my wife, "No, I got some important work to do."

I'm in the middle of so many exciting projects.

I'm grateful that every blog post I make earns about $100 on Steem. Yes, it's tempting to sit there and say, "What if I go to the beach, I'm going to miss $100 or $200 today? If I go to the beach, I'm going to miss perhaps some opportunities or I won't go forward with things as fast."

How many times have I already done that already?

Then what's happened is I feel like crap about myself, and then I feel overworked. Then, I do stupid things in my work like I put out a video that aggravates everyone or I work on projects I didn't need to work on.

A lot of times we get opportunities in our lives or things we're frustrated with, and what attracted that energy lots of times was overworking, doing too much.

I find if I've a bit better balance in my life, if I don't work so much, if I work about four to six hours a day, seven days a week, is ideal.

I already did that today.

Actually, I did less than that.

I already did enough work today. I don't need to do any more. I've done enough.

This lesson has been tough for me over and over again, because most of us were programmed to go after that money.

We need to work long hours, especially men, but as we are making advances on gender equality, women are consistently having this problem too:

"Let's stay at work longer. Get that overtime pay," or "I'll just sleep later. I'll just catch up on my time with my family later."

Then "later" keeps taking longer and longer to come.

Someday we get so frustrated with our lives that we contemplate things like ending it all, or we end up getting a divorce, we end up losing custody of our kids, or just having our kids frustrated. We get into addictions and we wonder how all this happened. What I see is the little choices I make every day are essential in guiding what happens next in my life.

Just going to the beach today is one of those seemingly little decisions, but the decision to stay at home and work longer, and to miss the time with my family, is one of those things I've made so many times.

Then, I'm grateful I've learned not to miss out on the things that are most important.

Here's how I figured this out.

I look at it from my deathbed.

Now, I'm expecting, I'm intending to live 150 years in this body, in about the same shape as it's in today: healthy, full of energy, attractive and wonderful.

In my deathbed, in the comfort of my own home, with relatively small pain, but a body that's just worn out, that's just had enough, would I look back on today and say, "Well, I should've sent one more message today. I should've stayed home and worked harder," or would I say, "It's time to go to the beach with my family."

Which one of those from my deathbed would I choose to do?

It's clear when we look at things from our deathbed what is the right thing to do today.

For me, it's clear too.

I would have liked to have taken a few minutes to just get in a video real quick, so that I have a video on a different format from usual, because then that will make time for me to even go to Disney tomorrow with my family again.

So I make a quick video for a couple minutes to share this experience that's taken so much trial and error for me to learn.

Over the last year, if I can point to one thing I've essentially done wrong in the most it's this: choosing work over family and believing that if I just work a little more and a little harder, that will help the things that I want come to me.

I'm grateful today that I think about this deathbed point of view because it was really tempting again to stay at home and just work.

When my family is gone it is the best time to film because normally my family is around a lot of the day. The filming time when they're gone is golden.

It's tempting to say, "Look, I'd love to get another video or a couple videos done and just knock them out while they are at the beach."

I've done that so many times.

I'm grateful today and I'm so excited to be here at the beach and share this with you, because it helps to get out of our comfort zone, too.

The idea of going out of my home office some days, where I'm very comfortable, and even doing something like going to the beach you might think, "Well, I'd love to do that every day," but for me, I'm so comfortable where I'm normally, that it's a bit of a struggle just to get out and do something a little different.

I'm very grateful today and I share this with the hope that perhaps in reading my experience with this, it's useful for you, maybe you won't have to make that same calls so many times, or you won't have to feel like a bad person for having made that call.

Lots of times I've chosen to spend time working over my family. The less I make this choice, the better I feel and the better my work's going.

My work is going better than ever.

It's not hustling and working hard. It's loving my work, it's respecting myself, it's setting healthy boundaries that's helping my work to do so fantastically good because then I attract healthy relationships and valuable partnerships. I tend to avoid unhealthy relationships, partnerships and opportunities where I am expected to hustle and sacrifice.

I don't want opportunities in life that involves me missing out on what's most important.

With that, I think it's time to wrap it up.

This was another episode of Happier People Podcast, which I hope you loved and have enjoyed.

Thank you very much for reading this post, which was originally filmed as the video below on a walk at the beach in St Petersburg, Florida.

I appreciate you being here and I hope you have a wonderful day today.

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what matters most is you being healthy and happy

Family first


Right. 100$ vs family. I think family first. Ned thinks the same way.

I'm sure you already know this, but that's one thing you eventually learn as a gamer and especially as someone who plays MMO's.

You have to make room for RL (real life). Guilds come and go, games rise and fall, but real life is always going to be there. Family, friends, and experiences that are missed can never be replaced.

I've also noticed memorable game/online moments fade from the memory a lot quicker than real life memorable moments. Most game moments I can't recall, but trips to disney and the beach can be clear as day.

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Hello Mr @Jerry. The joy one gets from spending valuable & fun time with our loved ones, is one of those extraordinary things in this life that we can't measure its worth. It's worth more than gold. So precious, such that those that lack it envy others that have it.
It comes with a particular self-satisfaction. Being happy, making time to distract ourselves with our loved ones really reduces stress greatly & makes it more susceptible for us to think more efficiently & effectively in making better decisions when needed.
We become filled with positive energy like the one i see from you right now through this post. Such that people that come in contact with us, feel it & are forced to share it cos the aura becomes too strong to withstand.
It's really great to see someone like you Jerry not only concentrating on making money, but also realizing a happy-shared life with his family. Thank you for sharing your experience.

if you spend good quality time with your loved ones, you will be more inspired, happier, more creative and, in the long run(sometimes not too long), you will make more you, like when good people make it, good people deserve everything, bad people deserve nothing. All the best and God bless you @jerrybanfield

Its very important to.give time for our family esp if we have children. In this way we can build a strong relationship between the parents and children. In the early stage of our children, the best gift we can offer is our precious time to them and in return as time goes by when we will be in our old age, for sure we will be longing for them to have time for us, to visit us.

Thanks @jerrybanfield for this informative article. It somehow open our eyes to balance our time and give time to our family. As my token for you, i wiĺl vote for you to be one of the witness. :)

This reminds me of the story of a juggler , who has to balance all the juggling balls , even if one is neglected the streak is lost.
I Guess Everything needs to be balanced.

The information is quite nice and helpful . it is indeed true that time is gold , use it well and it would definitely favor you in many ways. we all go out daily to accomplish many things in life. some positive and some negative , what i understand is ,, what ever you use your time for ,,, it will definitely return

Time management is something that i always strugle with. Setting daily goals is the only way i can stay on top of everything. Keeping a good balance is probably the best thing you can do. Work hard but also make sure you have the time to spend with friend and family to wind down.

@jerrybanfield i saw you on Facebook and your video encouraged me to signup at Steem. But i have to learn lots of thing could you plz help me for that?

The quality of a person's life begins with self-love. You have an excellent self-esteem, an enviable mood for further plans. It's in these people that everything turns out in life. Thank you for the excellent article.

very nice article @jerrybanfield

i love the beach-

I really enjoy reading your posts. I think is a matter of WANTING .... If we "want" we will, in my opinion. thanks again for good quality content. B

One could eadily guess it was some transcript from a video or something, lol. But I enjoyed it. I can not relate with the story because of the obvious reason that I am still making my way up there, but I can feel what you're saying.

I will make sure to remember this when I get rich, lol.

Balance is key.

We make time. That's it! :D

Oh! I got you now. I was wondering as to why your Facebook page talks much about Steem and SMTs. Yes, @jerrybanfield, happier are those people who contribute time to their nearest ones no matter how busy their life stands. I've been more like you, trying to do more things and not able to take her for any outings. Now, I'm going next week. Thank you for the post.

Always feels good at the beach!

Good idea,good vibe,post too long.Break it into smaller posts Jerry!
(only my humble opinion)

Hey @jerrybanfield you know what would make me happier ? If you could kindly adverstise my page. I have very deep thought regarding religion, christianity, and motivational posts. I'm willing to pay you for a shoutout !!!

The most important thing you can give someone is time. You can always make more money but you can never gain more time. Inspiring post, Jerry.

Good post jerry

Nice hat!

Family time is important Jerry but one have to see it from its own perspective. Like if one is not financially free like you are; then he or she should sacrifice some family time to get to that stage of life first where he or she just have to dedicate 5 or 6 hours to work and the rest he or she could spend wit his family. But, until that time comes one has to just hustle more and more.

Thank you for sharing the beach photos. I really enjoyed watching them since i live in the city with no beaches and only had that experience once in my lifetime.

Wow that's so great. It's so necessary to keep your family and yourself happy,to fill your inner being with Joy. Happiness and stress free life makes us live long on earth

I agree @jerrybarnfield because time is gold! spending quality time esp to our loveones is a golden chance

In life, we have to remember the cost of making a lot of money. Is it worth it?

Really nice ideas

Nice post :) Followed

Good times :)

Isn't it great that steemit helps us make time for things that matter? I think it is.

I love spending time with my kids, being self employed helps with that.

Finding that work family balance is difficult at times. Greed kicks in, and family gets put on the back burner. That is what happened to me, and almost lost my family. It was most definately an eye opener.

Hello Jerry congratulations, I hope you continue to enjoy those beautiful places with your family. After a long day of work, a walk with loved ones is always good. Keep enjoying. See you soon

I do agree, even though you said it quite a few times!😉.
Its easy to spend all your time, striving for more, for better, that pot of gold. I watched my dad do it his whole life. He left Italy, at 14, with nothing. He worked. My god he worked! As a kid I rarely saw him. Then, when he had earned more than he needed, he put the extra into earning more!!


Well. Long story, short. He's elderly now. Almost 80. He has his pot of gold but he doesn't know what to do with it. He wishes he had spent more time enjoying life.

I guess, keep your pot healthy, but don't forget about what money can't buy.




That said:
I gave you a witness vote.

I think you're a stand up dude.


Great post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and thanks for the reminder about what is more important. I often think the same way that I need to do important work, but it is nothing against our relationships. Time with family and friends is really quality-time.

Yes Jerry, you have a very nice beach outfit indeed! Enjoy the time with your family! Wise choice :)

to relax and earn money

You selected the best choice .... family it´s first the money can go back and forth your family relationship it´s more valuable than the money. keep going forward never stop!

Society tells us to ‘DO’. God tells us just ‘BE’. I quit a stellar career to be a stay at home mom. Because I always wanted my mom to be there, but she worked and homealways felt cold and rushed and rather hostile. I carry the effects of that still. I’m determined to do differently...and grateful that I am able! You can always make more money. It is how someone else compensates you for your time. You never get more time, so don’t waste it! High five @jerrybanfield!

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Money isn't everything. Family is...

I would definitely join you because I'm on the same page in my life today as you are, with the same thoughts. I joined the Coliving Club Network where people are really spending they time investing in what they think is important but not may be profitable for now. some of them just traveling alone or with they beloved ones, others making friends. But what is connecting them - the idea that it's not just about money!

Those are some of the nice pics and some great ideas as well.

That's how it should be and not this !

Ideas are good and useful to you just continue

People will find time for what is important.

To those who value monetary things, they will always be after money and will complain about no time for family and friends.

Those who value those who love and care for them will always find time no matter how busy they are in their life.

Love life and spread happiness...

Agreed, make time for what matters.

I think of life this same way, except for the fact that I am not "looking from my deathbed", instead I am counting how many Christmas's I have left with my son until he goes off to college. For the record, I only have 11 left. :( You can always make money tomorrow and the next day and the next, but tomorrow could be the last with your family.

nice hat BTW enjoy your day with your family..

Jerry, I'm certain you can balance your newly found passion with your regular life. Look at it as your hobby collapses with you work!

@jerrybanfield It's great that you can distinguish what's really important. It's good to always remember that you have an addictive mind too, and you don't want to be a 'workaholic'...any more than you already are. lol You're great at what you do in business, but that's only making money. Obviously, we all have to earn a living, but family, friends, and living is what it's all about. I've watched guys work their lives away, making a lot of money, but being almost a stranger to their own children, and then die a premature death, usually from a heart attack. They may have thought they were rich, but they really died poor.

I think you made the right choice by going to the beach with the family, sometimes there are things more important than money my friend. Anybody that has been following you knows that $100 or $200 is something you can make-up pretty quick, but you can't make up the time missed with family. I am amazed how many ways you have found to make money and you continue to find new ways. Hopefully, you will help boost a project I just got involved with here on @steemit and that is @steemthat which @binkley and @binkgirl have created something that is worth a look from the "Professor" aka @jerrybanfield. Yes, I am asking for your help to help out some good people that are just as crazy and passionate about Steemit as you are. I learned years ago that there is a time and a place for everything and this is the time to give this project a boost and maybe even some suggestions to help this husband and wife team make happier people. I have voted for you as a witness and probably should give you my proxy vote for witnesses, what do you think? Wait until after your vacation and try to have fun. The internet and Steemit will be here when you get back. #Stradog in Gun Barrel City, Texas