Think anyone would buy theese?

in #handwork2 years ago

My finacee make theese. I think she could sell em.

She makes allt of cool teddy bears, bqckpqckages etc.

Du you guys think she could make money from it?

Im going to make a facebook page and something to try to marketing her products.

Who knows. Maybe it will be a sucess. I sjre hope so.

Have a great weekend.


why dont you sell it here on steemit? check out

The problem with knitted and other hand made stuff: People will buy it - but they won't pay enough. Considering the amount of time that even such a small project takes it would be only some cents per hour. Sorry, but that's the harsh reality.

Thought kudos to your fiancee - that thing is cute!

Yeah its to hang above the carrier.

Bit we know it really is no cash in it. But she has plenty of time and if you use some kind of non allergic "glutenfree" wool i guess you can take a little more money. But its always nice to have a hobby and espkcially if she can make enough to make her own things for free.

But really the monwy issues is no issue. I think it can boost her self esteem right now if people buy it and aooreciate her products.

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