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Have a nice day! Probably many people like to go to fairs and look at interesting crafts by craftsmen. So every time I find there unusual souvenirs and all kinds of decorations for the interior.

Russia has always been famous for its talented craftsmen. In every Kuban village there were tailors, potters, blacksmiths, chebotari, cabinetmakers. But the skills of crafts in families were passed down for generations, improved and honed. So the obligatory point of educating girls was needlework. And the boys learned to create all kinds of things out of wood... It could even be such birdhouses...

Even birdhouses are made with soul, so bright. The birds would certainly like them :-)

Folk architecture has always been developed in Russia. Wood carvings crowned the platbands of huts and fences. The houses in such a frame resembled fairy - tale towers .But from various varieties of wood, craftsmen sometimes carved nesting dolls, and similar figures of birds and fairy-tale characters, made whistles, pipes and kitchen utensils...

In addition to the birds, I found a lot more...

I wonder if you can guess what these figures are made of?

But such a hut in miniature just struck me on the spot :-)

Looking at such crafts is fascinating and interesting.

Craftswomen willingly share their skills and enthusiastically talk about this or that thing.

Of course, many people do take humor :-)

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