New Design: for Pre-orders before Steemfest 4

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Sometimes.... people just need some encouragement...


Especially when they are going through a tough time.


And this is one of the new diecut plates I received yesterday and took the liberty to cut out a sample dead in the night before bedtime just so you guys have the first look


This card yet to be completed. I do hope I can finish it tonight if possible before the busy weekend tomorrow for @gtpjfoodbank short take article on their charity Bazaar; and this is pretty going to be one and only card (if I have stock for another card base like that) that will be available in the market.

But before I am going to place to my online shop, I would like to extend my invitation to #steemfest 4 attendees to order this should they find the finished product beautiful enough to give to someone very special

The price is 4 STEEM

(Despite the fluctuation price at the moment)

And what I have stated in my previous post regarding other orders, it remains the same:

10% of the revenue will be BURNT to @null

This is also because I feel that with #hf21 coming and I am still seeing a lot of potential for commercial use for steem / sbd , I have decided to do the "burning run" for this round of sales to promote my trust for the Steem blockchain (Steemit) community

10% of the revenue will be donated to @gtpjfoodbank for their fund raising

The rest is going to split to 50/50 where I am hoping to cover steemfest ticket, and also to be liquidated for my parents' medical bills.

Any inquiries / orders, please look for me at discord @littlenewthings#8151

Date of Delivery: On - SteemFest 4 - week

I am hoping to personally deliver to you at Steemfest

Ready for orders!

(with more designs coming)

ps: This is my old (lost and found) account, which I managed to retrieve my password after misplacing it for 1 year. @littlenewthings is my main account now; but this will be my account specially for commercial and charity use.

Yay! 3 years old!


i also want to go steemfest and meeting steem famous persons and team is my dream

This year it is going to be in Bangkok, where the accommodation will be a lot cheaper than Europe. Are you going?

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