Hand Drawn Bible Verse #13 (Dutch)

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Het Boek
Efeziërs 4:29

Laat er ook geen vuile taal uit uw mond komen, dat doet alleen maar kwaad. Zeg op het juiste moment het juiste woord, iets dat de mensen helpt en goeddoet, zodat zij genade ontvangen.

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| Hand Drawn By: JezusDelen | All Rights Received To Share | Do With Love |


Thanks a lot for the appreciating.

Many blessings,


I'm putting together a group to support Christian posts on steemit if anyone is interested. It's on the ground floor at the moment and we could use some help ourselves. I hope asking here isn't considered rude, just not sure how best to get the word out. https://discord.gg/PGAmHZt

It is ok, thank you for the invite. I will take a look there as a log in into discord.

Kind regards,


Thank you for checking it out. I think there is a good amount of potential for participants to reach a wider audience if we all work to help each other. :)

Sure, let's share it together! I will be there :).

Regards, @DoWithLove

Gracias por compartir con nosotros amigo esas hermosas palabras @dowithlove

You 2 @franciscana23, Thank you for the appreciation.

Many Blessings,


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