Taking the plunge on STEEMIT!!

I have a facebook account with over 4,000 friends, 1,600 followers and several groups with total of about 1,500 members which I have used as a daily platform for more than a decade. I also have a website and blog, which is growing, and two youtube channels. I have finally taken the plunge and opened a STEEMIT account although I am still wrestling with validating a crypto account and navigating my way around this brave new world I ffigured the best way to learn was jump in.

On a serious note, I think it is a great thing to be able to earn whilst working on something which is a passion. I have a degree in English and American Literature with a minor in Theatre Studies and post grad qualifications in Journalism and People Skills, Communication, Empowerment etc ....

I am in favour of technology but not a New World Order so walk the line trying to find the balance and smiling wryly as I watch Revelation prophecies unfolding or being orchestrated to SEEM to be unfolding daily!

I am a controversial blogger and experience censorship on youtube and occasionally on facebook, as well as targetting, character assassination both online and off, and even gang stalking although I soldier on always erring on the side of rational explainations!

I am first and foremost a FOLLOWER OF JESUS though not a Bible basher and certainly not a textbook Christian....I have a ministry called THE WOMAN AT THE WELL....for Christians who are NON religious
I look forward to this journey and networking with others xxCCN BRANDING.jpg


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Thankyou and when I learn to follow and upvote etc I will oblige lol !! #dinosaur!

Glad to see there are good people on this website too.

Nice to connect and look forward to browsing, curating, following etc

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