Hammercalled Character Sheet

in hammercalled •  last year 

I finally made a Hammercalled Character Sheet mock-up. It's pretty rough, because it's just a proof of concept, but it's got some basics down. It's built for simultaneous printing and form-filling, so it's perfect (execrable) for all users alike.

There's still a lot of whitespace, but a lot of that's because I'm still working in LibreOffice. Once I get around to making this for good in the best tools I have for the purpose, it will improve a lot.

You can download the PDF here and the .odt here (these will automatically update):


These links will automatically update with the latest version.

For fun, have a draft version of the Hammercalled logo!

It'll look real big because I have an absurdly high export dpi and haven't resized it down from a full page. I'm not a great graphic designer, and I'm very lazy. Because there are only two colors, its filesize is still laughable.

Hammercalled Logo Draft 2.png

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