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One of the things that I wanted to add in Segira is dedicated downtime and a system that really goes into detail. I'm going to just put the whole rules here in lieu of uploading a page from the .pdf:


Downtime occurs when characters are out of combat and have some time to rest. Downtime is measured in 8-hour increments.

A character may take special actions during downtime, each of which has a potential reward or benefit. Some characters will naturally be more suited to certain types of action, making them ideal in those circumstances.


A character who does not take a rest downtime action in a 24-hour period lose 1 Stamina, and cannot spend Adrenalin until they complete a rest downtime action. Each additional 8-hour increment reduces their Stamina by 1 until they rest.

Downtime Criteria

For characters to benefit from downtime, they need to have three things: time, food, and shelter.

Time is a strictly narrative concern left to the GM and players to decide upon. Some mission objectives require immediate completion, but other storylines may provide players ample time to make decisions and prepare themselves for action.

Food is had in the form of rations. As noted in the Gear section, each point of supply buys four rations. Each day a character consumes one ration. A character who has no rations can do nothing in downtime other than take the Hunt/Scavenge action to try to find rations.

Shelter is a narrative concern, but may have mechanical impacts. If characters are caught outside in inclement weather, that can be an issue, but generally the most important part of shelter is avoiding engagement with hostile elements.

If downtime is interrupted by a chance encounter, it may be resumed, but some actions may be interrupted (like healing).

Downtime Actions


One of the more common uses of downtime is to try to find useful resources. This takes the form of hunting, when characters are trying to find food, or scavenging, when characters are trying to find supplies. Resources acquired in this way must be spent "immediately" (before characters begin traveling again); they cannot be saved for later use.

A character who is hunting makes an Awareness roll to try and find rations. If they are successful, they scavenge a number of rations equal to the Margin of their roll (minimum 1). Remember that a character needs one ration per day, but hunting or scavenging requires only eight hours.

Scavenging works the same as hunting, but provides Supply instead. A character who is scavenging provides Supply equal to the Margin of their roll on a successful test (minimum 1). This Supply may be spent for gear (at double the usual price) or resources with which to perform maintenance on gear or vehicles.


A character taking the Maintenance action may make an Intellect test to restore Wear to a piece of gear or a vehicle. This requires 1 Supply for gear, or 2 Supply for a vehicle. On success the target loses a level of Wear, and for every 2 Margin an additional level of Wear may be restored.

The Supply required to attempt this action is expended on success or failure.


A character who rests will recover physical stamina. When a character finishes a rest, they recover all Adrenalin and 5 Stamina, then make a Toughness roll. They regain Wounds and additional Stamina equal to the Margin of this test.

A character who rests also loses the Fatigue status effect, and may make a roll to remove status effects that can be removed after a rest.

Characters who rest multiple times in a day do not make additional Toughness rolls to recover Wounds or Stamina, though they may regain Adrenalin and 5 Stamina per action taken.

Treating Injuries

A character who is resting may make an Intellect test to treat up to four characters' injuries. If the roll succeeds, these characters gain a +5 bonus to the Toughness roll to recover at the end of a rest action for each Margin on the result (minimum +5).

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