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Today is a day I am very excited about! It's the day for the drawing to see who will be the first two individuals to start the chain for the Hamburger Saint Project! This project is very important to me personally because it's a way my friend, Sgt.Michael Barkey, can truly live forever. In a day when individuals are looking towards technology to extend their lives or possibly live forever, I think people forget a very simple way to achieve this goal; by living in the memories and words of those you leave behind and those in the future who learn of you through others.

As strong as the Steemit Community is I truly believe we can achieve this for an individual who always had a smile on his face, lived to make others laugh, and most importantly put others before himself. In the video, I will explain how the project works for those who may have missed the original post and draw the names of the two individuals who will be the original two to carry on the torch of this project. Additionally, I will list the names drawn below the video and post the original Hamburger Saint Project Article.

An Important Sidenote: Names drawn for participation do not need to donate their rewards to the shipping fund. The earnings you receive can help cover your shipping costs or any expenses you may incur for the gifts you send. I just wanted to make that known

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Woohoooo! I'm looking forward to being a part of this amazing project! As soon as it arrives I will snap some pictures of the reveal and start posting to find the two Steemians who will perpetuate Sgt. Barkey's memory.
Between waiting for mail from two Marine Corps recruits and now this package, my mail lady should be very afraid of me. LOL



(the sign)
I will be sending out the package tomorrow. I was waiting on the other address, but have yet to receive it. I may have to go to the backup volunteer. I am so happy you are genuinely excited for your mail.


My poor mail lady! I nearly gave her a heart attack yelling "WAIT!" LOL I had a couple letters to my boys that needed to go out.


Lol. "BootCamp Moms Gone Crazy" Reality TV show Live on Steemit. I have a letter going out to your son today. I will be dropping if off along with your package at the post office.