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Official logo of the Asclepio project community

Asclepius, son of the god Apollo stands with his caduceus, symbol of wisdom and healing power that is born from the deepest part of the earth. Today he has arrived in Bearshares to build a temple where under his roof he will meet the most outstanding of medicine and its related areas.

Asclepio project wants to provide a space to promote the broad discussion of medical knowledge such as science and art. The demand of the new times has led us here for a need to provide support to those who every day make quality publications in the medical area and other related sciences, stimulating the production of new knowledge and the discussion of those that occur daily in the most important research centers in the world with a critical vision.

But we also wanted to give a space to Bearshares users who come in search of information for their health, for those who want to learn how to preserve it and collaborate with others through their experiences, which will become an opportunity to share knowledge of utility for all and with a rigorous review that generate confidence and security to be read by all..

How can you be part of Asclepio project?

It is very simple, the first requirement is to want to contribute to universal knowledge with current health issues that generate a contribution to the whole community.

The second and easiest is that you join our channel in Discord. This will be the means to meet you, to show us your excellent publications and participate with us in our activities that we are sure will make you feel part of the family.

What are the advantages of being part of Asclepio project?

1) If you are a general practitioner or specialist, here you can not only publish about topics of interest, but you will have the opportunity to give your opinions and in turn help those who need it, thereby making your knowledge something invaluable, so the The community will also support you when you need it, forming a win-win relationship in all its aspects.

2) If you are a student of a health career, this is the opportunity to show us your thesis projects to collaborate with their preparation and also be part of research groups that will be formed in the community, which will certainly allow have a quality material that can be published in medical journals indexed at the end of the research process.

3) If you are just a user of Bearshares, who want to share health-related topics, you will also have our support through community voting and reward your effort.

4) Through the promotion of talks by specialists in specific topics of general interest in health, in Asclepio project you will have the opportunity to keep your knowledge updated and obtain a fair feedback.

What kind of publications will be supported by Asclepio project?

1) All those publications that are related to the medical-scientific knowledge and all its related areas, besides being 100% original after being reviewed by a medical ethics committee.

2) Publications that are not 100% original but with quotes from their authors in case you want to review a particular topic.

3) Publications related to alternative medicine or healthy lifestyle which have their respective sources of information.


We want to thank @ dariuska2008 who since the beginning of our proposal has shown his interest in supporting us as part of his collaboration to the Hispanic community and to which we proudly belong, thanks for all the ideas that have shaped our community.

Discord Letras..png

Join us on our discord channel here


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Greetings @raulj.garcias

The Bearshares community is an excellent initiative on the part of the Asclepius project, that community will greatly enrich the general medical knowledge for both individuals and specialists in the field of medicine.

Enjoy your day, Piotr.

Thanks @crypto.piotr for reading my post. Of course, we want to create a new way of showing publications by researchers in clinical medicine and other areas of health. This is the most important reason to be for Asclepio project.
Have a good day.

Love to see how responsive you are @raulj.garcias

I'm sorry that it took me so long to read it and reply.


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