SteemitBoard - Trick or Treat

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What about adding a new badge to your board of honor?

Halloween is the perfect moment to do this. And no need to ask your children to travel from house-to-house in costumes. No need to throw a malefic spell.

Here are the rules:

  • Write à post on October 31. You will have to publish it between 00:00 and 23:59 UTC time, not sooner, not later!
  • Use the tag #halloween as the main (first) tag and #steemitboard as the second tag
  • Your post need to contains the magic words "Trick or treat”
  • Have your post receive at least 10 upvotes (there are your first treats)

And … abracadabra …

You will receive this new badge on your personal board.

Oh, I forgot a very important rule: upvote and resteem this post!
No, I’m just kidding … but your support is more than welcome! Spread the word!

Enjoy and have fun!

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coole Sache :-)

Excellent. I have the perfect post in mind. 😉


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So cool 👍👍👍

Good idea. That should be fun. I'll spread the word.

I'll do. Good idea. I vote and resteem


what a comment.
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nice is a beautiful post is a good i am abdullatifphadia plies one vote

I wrote about it here:

Thank you
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hallo your name

I'm waiting for Tuesday! ;))
thx @arcange for your funny badges! I really enjoyed your ideas on Golosboard ("addict author" was vividly discussed in chats, for example ))) and Steemitboard :)

I request a badge "100 posts without a cat" ))))))

very good post @steemitboard is very useful for those who love to read .. follow me and upvote steemit too

Great post keep up the good work also if you want you can follow me and comment on my post so that you can receive more up votes from me.

I love steemit

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Awesome resteemed and upvoted

Nice i need this to improve my steems

Thanks for the information

@steemitboard how are these badges useful to me ,please reply.

Very nice, I want it!! :D

Thank you

Coole Aktion, die ich gern upvote und reesteeme. Und ja ich will das Abzeichen :-) Hier mein Beitrag dazu:

Freue mich, wenn ihn viele lesen und ihre Meinung dazu äußern oder vielleicht sogar ergänzendes dazuschreiben.

Great post and i want that badge too.

i wish i know about it on the 31 st. It's very nice!


Thank you so much.. Thanks for supporting me

I'm new
plzz follow me

I'll do. Great idea.

Guter Post

upvoted done


ok, thanks.