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in #halloween5 months ago

I dug up a bunch of old Halloween DVDs to watch with the family.

What are your Top 5 favourite Halloween movies ?

I think ours are the following … mostly Tim Burton Films :

Nightmare Before Christmas
Corpse Bride
Sleepy Hollow


Night 1 : Frankenweenie

We watched Frankenweenie last night and it was very good. A little sad .. especially watching with Lola.

I think she enjoyed it though … she was riveted with all the barking dogs and other creatures. I’m hoping she didn’t understand parts of it though.

I hope she’s not traumatized by the story.

It’s always great to spend Quality Spooky Movie nights with Family…. eating popcorn, getting scared …

Strange Love from Frankenweenie :


NMBC is still the best

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