The treat is called "Trick Or Treat". Happy Halloween!!!

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Hi Steemit!!

I invite you to visit us on a Halloween.
We will please you with our dishes.
I cooked, the daughters were engaged in an ornament) .. Thanks my baby for the help !!!

Well))) ... "Trick Or Treat"??

We will tell in order about our dishes.
And the first dish is called:

"Evil Pylons"

Pumpkin replaced with oranges ... ... do whatever you like ...
You can put a salad in the oranges. Which we did.
We remove the flesh of the orange, (do not throw it away, you can make freshly squeezed juice).

We have such a salad:
Chicken breast
Pineapple canned
Black olives
Salt and seasonings to taste.
You can make any salad and put in a plate of orange. Such a presentation of the dish will appeal to many.

The second dish is called:

"The Invasion of the Ugly Caterpillars"

This appetizer is prepared very quickly. Therefore, if visitors unexpectedly came, surprise them.

Take the grapes and string it on wooden sticks for shish kebab. Well, eyes from any available materials. We have chocolate.

The next dish is:

"Spider Sockets"

We will need:
Black olives
Salt and pepper
Boil the eggs. We let them cool. We clean and cut them in half.
Yolks are taken out and mixed with mayonnaise. salt and pepper. And we fill our eggs.
From above decorate the "spider" made from olives.

Next we have a dish:

"Mummies Attack"

We take sausages and wrap them in puff pastry. Bake in the oven until cooked.
We slightly overexposed them, but our sausages became like real mummies)))
Eyes they make from olives.

Next Course:

"Poking and Giving"

It's very easy to cook this snack.
Tangerines clean and clean white veins. We put a small stalk of celery inside the mandarin. Now, the tangerines are like little pumpkins.
Cut the bananas in half. Let's warm up a little chocolate and draw eyes and mouth on bananas.
Our funny "ghosts" are ready.

Well, of course dessert))

"Chocolate Mousse with Worms"

Here a little more complicated than in previous recipes, but a little effort and a delicious treat will be ready)
Eggs 3 chicken or 7-8 quail
Chocolate 200-300 grams
Cream 300 grams (fat content should be at least 33%, otherwise it will not break)
Sugar 100 grams
Jelly Worms

We beat the eggs with sugar. The mass should pale and increase in volume.
Whisk the cream until a firm foam.
Melt the chocolate in a water bath. And we let it cool down a little.
We connect the cream and the egg mass. We introduce chocolate in small portions. All neatly mixed and poured on kremankam. We remove mousse in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours.
We decorate with jelly worms.

The food is ready !!

All with HELLOWEEN !!!

Bon Appetit!!


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Well, I can't refuse your invitation so please write down the address :D

Hey! There is an echo in your post. I understand this is very less to do with you as with technical glitches from Steemit. I will recommend you edit the other posts similar to this one and just leave it with a message that it is all glitch after this first post.

Did I mention that those meals are both salivating and petrifying? More of the former ;-)

Yes, thanks for the advice) I will now edit. Steemit did not want to add the post yesterday, and then he added 4 one and the same at once).

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nice innovation the food is even more mouthwatering

My personal favorites are the mummies and those grumpy bananas! But I have to say that everything looks amazing and you can see the amount of efforts that you put into preparing those! Really great job, @katyfood-blog!

Many thanks)) .. my mummies are my favorite). Everything turned out beautifully because my kids helped me)!

You are welcome! My admirations for you! It is really amazing that you teach them how to cook and involve them in the process!

Children are very curious)) .. they are very interested in the cooking process)

mmm. Look so yummy , super creative

If you like to read about travels and circus life please welcome to my friends @annamur

Thanks huge. I join you)

Happy Halloween!!!Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!!!)))))

These are too cute!!! 😍😍😍

thanks))) ... I'm very glad that you liked it))

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