HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Three Songs for You on Halloween - Popular, Unknown and Scary!

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Hello to every ghost, goblin, vampire and witch! Happy Halloween to the Living, Dead and Undead!

You'll need some music to Trick or Treat by, or to give out candy by, or to suggest at the Halloween Party. So here are three songs. The first is Popular and everyone knows it. The second is a bit creepy and from the late 60s. The last from the early 90s and is scary in a tongue-in-cheek way, describing and also making fun of Goths.

First up, everyone knows this song! It is

Thriller, by Michael Jackson

He looks all ready for Halloween in this one. Great to dance to. Enjoy the music and the story in the video!

Dark White, by Bonniwell Music Machine

Next we have a song from the late 60s that is very similar to Goth songs by Type O Negative, like the next one we'll hear. But listen to the vocal tone, especially how "lipstick" is pronounced. It's about a girl who is Dark White. In other words, she had sex before marriage. Listen to the lyrics!

Pale and wanton, and is wearing white dry lip stick. Part girl, whole woman, and her heart goes toc tic!
She feels indecision; she's seeking wrong from right. Fears of inhibition. She's Dark White!

Crowds of windows, it seems people know she..... she gave her self to Love, untimely.
She feels lust and randy, searching for soul inside. She feels Love but abandoned. Oh she's Dark White!

Black No. 1, by Type O Negative

I think this is what evolved from Dark White and music like it from the 60s and early 70s. Type O Negative are from New York and Unfortunately singer Peter Steele is no longer with us, just like Michael Jackson.

To quote Johnny Skyfire in the comments:

Peter Steele looked imposing and vampiric but according to the rest of the band and other rock musicians like Tony Iomi he was the nicest kindest man you could ever have hope to meet. Rest in peace Peter Steele you genius

Compare Bonniwell's "white dry lip stick" to the way Steele sings the early verses.

She's in love with herself
She likes the dark
On her milk white neck
The Devil's mark

Now it's all Hallows Eve
The moon is full
Will she trick or treat?
I bet she will

She's got a date at midnight
With Nosferatu
Oh baby, Lilly Munster
Ain't got nothing on you

Well when I called her evil
She just laughed.
And cast that spell on me
Boo Bitch Craft

Yeah you wanna go out
'cause it's raining and blowing
You can't go out
'cause your roots are showing

Dye 'em black
Dye 'em black

Black black black black No. 1

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