Hal Jordan's enemies: Kaylark

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Kaylark took part in a "psycho-drama" designed to test the capabilities of Green Lantern Hal Jordan after his encounter with the wizard Myrwhydden. In the test, Kaylark posed as one of three Green Lanterns who overthrew the Guardians of the Universe in order to get advanced power rings. The prototype rings would have no weakness to yellow. During the psycho-drama, Kaylark appeared to have gone mad with power; seizing control of her home planet and installing herself as Queen.

Hal Jordan had to fight Kaylark, Eddore and Galius Zed and retrieve their rings. When Jordan was successful, the test was completed, and the players were revealed. Once Jordan passed his evaluation, Kaylark continued her studies into the psyche of the various members of the Green Lantern Corps. She was shaken to learn of Jordan's descent into the sinister entity known as Parallax, and since rejoining the Corps, she's come to realize that he is her greatest fear.