Holiday to Haiti

in haiti •  last year

At the next Democratic National Convention gathering, a filmed band of merry travel agents should descend on the lot and sell vacations in Haiti.

I can see it now – Luke Rudowski, or Mark Dice asking the joyful DNC goer: “Would you like to come visit Haiti​? We have our best package available if you sign up now!”

“We’ve got THE BEST 2 star hotel in Port Au Prince lined up for you, today!”

“Would you like the package with, or without the armed escorts?”

“Without, one week is a steal at $495 including airfare!”

“Oh, you’d like the security detail? That will be an extra $1000, and you can’t leave your hotel room”

“Yes, yes, I know that sounds rash you pay for the security and you can’t leave the hotel – but the bodyguards don’t want to get killed either.”

Welcome to Haiti. Paradise, or Shithole? Your call American Democrat!

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