I'm donating my hair to CANSA

in #hairshares3 years ago

For the last few years I've been growing my hair. Here's a pic from October last year at a picnic near a stream, where you can see how long my ponytail was.

047 (2).JPG

But it being a new year and all I decided to go short and donate my ponytail to the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) here in Cape Town.

Here's a pic of my new short hair and my ponytail which is to be donated.


For any other South Africans who wish to donate, check out the CANSA website: http://www.cansa.org.za/donating-human-hair-to-make-wigs-availability-of-wigs/


You rock!

Awesome donation!!!!

Thank you for your donation! You are amazing!

Your act today would bring a smile to the face of someone somewhere. Thank you and God bless you

You are awesome

Really cool!

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