Stringing Room Setup, Plus A HAIRSHARES Token Contest

in #hairshares6 years ago

Many of you know that I recently moved into a new house. Part of the reason for the move was to gain a room for my tennis stringing and coaching business. The machine is a bit finicky and doesn't need any of my little kids banging into it. I was pleased with the room and shelf setup for all my tools and supplies.


Here is the Hairshares Token Contest portion... if anyone can figure out what kind of string I have hanging up on my pegboard, I'll give you 200 HAIRSHARE tokens, which can be used for an upshare from my account here.

You can earn HAIRSHARES and a bunch of other tokens by donating your hair and winning the jackpot as well. Click on the link for details.


Solid machine!! Keeping things #Prince

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