This is my haiku - Este es mi haiku - Mizu no Oto - Edition #47

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[ photo by @marcoriccardi ]


As a variety of short Japanese poetry, @bananafish brings us on this occasion the "haibun", where a short story is combined with a haiku, as I could interpret from its explanation.

The word haibun (俳 文, literally "haikai text") indicates a mixed literary genre, consisting of a short prose in a a diaristic or chronicle style, followed by a haiku.

In general, the haibun records a particular scene or moment in a highly descriptive and as objectively as possible way. More rarely, it can affect a completely imaginary and dreamlike space.

This is my attempt, based on the photo:


Contemplated by river gulls, white swans enjoy the gentle current of the lagoon that supports them, looking like being kisses to the water.

swans swim

river gulls look

water kisses


Como una variedad de poesía breve japonesa, @bananafish nos trae en esta ocasión el "haibun", donde se combina una breve historia con un haiku, según pude interpretar de su explicación.

La palabra haibun (俳 文, literalmente "texto haikai") indica un género literario mixto, que consiste en una prosa corta en un estilo diarístico o de crónica, seguida de un haiku.

En general, el "haibun" registra una escena o momento particular de una manera altamente descriptiva y tan objetiva como sea posible. Más raramente, puede afectar a un espacio completamente imaginario y onírico.

Este es mi intento, basándome en la foto:


Contemplados por gaviotas de río, blancos cisnes disfrutan de la mansa corriente de la laguna que los sostiene, pareciendo su nado besos al agua.

nadan los cisnes

gaviotas de río miran

besos de agua



By Zeleira Cordero @zeleiracordero


For your kind reading, THANK YOU

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In response for @bananafish in Mizu no Oto - Every image Has Its Haiku - Edition #47 (English). If you are interested, find out here





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I see the gulls as watching the swans too, like a couple watching another family.
In this haiku, all the elements are both themselves and human.
I like this.

I like your observation and that you agree with me on the vision of haiku, based on the vision of the birds.

Lovely water kisses

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You tried to make a haibun! I am very happy, it gives me great joy when the small articles that I put together inspire the participants

Yeah, I liked that part about starting with a little story and ending with a haiku. Thanks for the encouragement, I love the exercise and every time, one learn something new.

I loved your haiku. I vote it as my favorite. Regards @zeleiracordero

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