Mizu No Oto - Every Image Has Its Haiku - WEEK #16 WINNERS!

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Banzai, merry company of haijin!

The 16th edition of Mizu no Oto – Every Image Has Its Haiku has come to an end.

This time again we have reached twenty participants, a share that I think "physiological" for this contest. There were a couple of welcome returns and a new entry, @joeylim, which I hope will stay with us in the next editions.

I am very happy to announce that the participation in the popular vote has increased, with five interesting comments, so the "side awards" have been awarded, bringing the entire prize money to 5 SBI shares! Keep it up!

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Here are the winners of this edition!

Best Haiku award (3 SBI shares):


Te soñe helada,
abrazada a una nube
de cabello blanco.
I dreamt you frozen,
embraced by a cloud
of white hair.

I like this modern haiku, pervaded by a delicate lyricism, as well as for the evoked, very poetic image, also because it has the courage to depart from the description of the photo, to follow an association of ideas that was unleashed in its sight. Dream makes us think of the unconscious, and therefore of the immediacy of feeling, not filtered through intellectual superstructures.

Popular Choice award (1 SBI share):


Frozen air in cloud
Warm blood fills a beating heart
Man against nature

This week there are three haijin that conquered your heart: @oscarina, @stever82 and @mfunbee. The latter gained one more valid vote with a contraposition between man and nature, a well known theme in literature. The contraposition here is wisely multi-layered, because it involves other binary concepts: cold-warm, stillness-movement.

Our two awesome winners achieve the right to decorate their footer with this exclusive and beautiful banner by @f3nix:


The banner is customizable with the name of the winner. Please, contact @f3nix on Discord or via comment if you like this option.

Best vote comment (1 SBI share):


En esta semana me han gustado mucho los haiku de @stever82 y @oscarina. Mi favorito es @stever82 ya que logra expresar paz, tranquilidad y belleza en tiempos de invierno, mientras que @oscarina transciende, renace y ve la esperanza más allá de lo rudo y frío que puede significar invierno. Felicitaciones para ambos. Presiento que @bananafish tendrá una difícil tarea porque varios haiku están muy buenos.
This week I liked the haiku of @stever82 and @oscarina. My favorite is @stever82 since it manages to express peace, tranquility and beauty in winter times, while @oscarina transcends, reborn and sees hope beyond the rough and cold that winter can mean. Congrats to both of you. I feel that @bananafish will have a difficult task because several haiku are very good.

I really appreciate that Marcy stopped reading and commenting on the haiku in the competition even without participating, this time. And I agree with her that the choice was very difficult, but it is every week.
She identified two of the best representatives of two "strands" arising from the photo: that of the contrast between the hostile nature and the man, and that of the "mental" projection out of the winter.

Domo arigato gozaimasu to the other awesome participants: @gracielaacevedo, @felixgarciap, @oscarina, @salvao, @raj808, @cyemela, @theironfelix, @alrahman, @manoldonchev, @agmoore, @stever82, @josegilberto, @darthgexe, @oacevedo, @josemalavem, @joeylim, @emergehealthier, @vida-blanca
Keep on writing beautiful haiku!

See you tomorrow with Edition #17!

Your humble Bashō-fish


Haiku contest brand 28.08.18.png
[banner credit: @f3nix]


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This haiku contest operates in the best spirit of art and community. We join together, almost in the tradition of a literary salon, and exchange ideas. We are inspired by each other. And there are no cultural or linguistic boundaries. You can be proud of what you have achieved here. I believe it will only grow.

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Exactly! Thank you for the precious service! :)

Oh congrats to the winners. Was fun to read most of this this week so I will try to keep up with that in the future.

Congratulations, haijin!

Muy agradecida por haber apreciado mi Haiku y por el comentario que lo acompaña. @bananafish, esta dinámica semanal de tu concurso me motiva mucho por lo que significa encontrar la esencia de las imágenes a través de un poema. Las imágenes que compartes siempre son muy interesantes.

I am very grateful for having appreciated my Haiku and for the comment that accompanies it. @bananafish, this weekly dynamic of your contest motivates me a lot for what it means to find the essence of the images through a poem. The images you share are always very interesting.

Congratulations to my dear @evagavilan and @marcybetancourt, winners of this week. Applause for the success of each one. Thanks to @bananafish for the contest, I missed this call, but I'm ready for next time.

Hey, @bananafish!

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It has been a pleasure and an honor to have accompanied this stretch, @bananafish. I have gained a lot: an entrance to the world of haiku.
Of course, I will continue to study its characteristics and compose haiku in the hope of improvement.
I will be very attentive to your next calls and your blog!
I am very grateful!
Congratulations to my dear @evagavilan and @marcybetancourt, winners of this week.